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Remove Problematic Weeds Before They Ruin Your Property

Weeds might seem like a minor issue, but they can quickly overrun your farm or agricultural property if not kept in check.

Weeds have a significant negative impact on your agricultural business by reducing crop and pasture yields, severely reducing your land’s productivity. It has been estimated that weeds cost $2.5 billion dollars per year in lost agricultural production.

Stop losing time, resources, and money to weeds, and get control of your land back by enlisting the help if the weed control experts, Rencon Air & Land

Common Weeds That We Treat

  • Blackberry
  • Gorse
  • Grasses
  • Thistles
  • Ragwort
  • Broadleaf
  • Capeweed
  • Dock & More

Your Weed Spraying & Control Solution

At Rencon Air & Land, we provide comprehensive weed control solutions and weed spraying services to domestic, commercial and industrial customers throughout the Otways and Western Victoria Regions.

We have experienced, qualified and fully licensed weed control specialists on staff, who will be able to advise on the best methods of weed control and herbicide application for your property’s needs.

We can provide weed control measures as a once-off service, or alternatively we can provide you with a regular weed control maintenance program to ensure your weeds are controlled all year round.

Why Work With Rencon?


  • Licensed Commercial Spraying Business
  • Chemical Certified Operators
  • Safe systems of work
  • ACUP Accreditation
  • Weed-A-Metering for Forestry
  • Local and skilled workforce

Hectares treated

Our Equipment

  • 1x 4×4 Goldacres Boom Spray (800L/12m boom)
  • 5x 4×4 Quik Spray (400L/twin 100m retractable reels)
  • 2x UTV Boom/Hand Line Units (200L Quik Spray/single 100m retractable reels)
  • 3x 4×4 Small Boom utes for Firebreak Spraying.
  • 2x Roadside Furntiture Spraying Units

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1300 RENCON (736 266)

Farm & Weed Spraying Service

Comprehensive Weed Control Solutions

Whether you have weed issues at your farm, agricultural property, or your industrial site – our experienced team will work hard to provide you with a complete weed control solution for your property.

Agricultural Weed Spraying & Control

Our tried and tested weed control methods are conducted using the best equipment available and our certified and licenced operators have years of commercial weed spraying experience in the Agricultural and Forestry industries.

Farm Weed Control

We understand the unique requirements for weed management on farms where crops and livestock are a concern. Our safety and risk management measures are second to none so that you can have total peace of mind.

Weed Spraying Contractor

At Rencon Air & Land, our experienced team is trained not only to treat the weed problem but also to minimise its chance of return. They will take the time to understand your concerns and provide recommendations on how to improve your weed control measures for the future.

Call For a Quote:

1300 RENCON (736 266)

Weed Spraying Application Methods


Hand Line Spray Units

We have five 400L twin-reel 200m quick spray mounted systems available. These units are ideal for steep terrain that may be unreachable by larger machines and can be used for a wide range of noxious weed types.

UTV Quik Spray Units

Our 300L single-reel 100m UTV-mounted Quik Spray Unit is versatile, reliable, and can reach those hard to get areas bigger vehicles can’t.


12m Broadacre Boom

Our ute-mounted Goldacres Boom Sprayer holds 800L and is on call year-round for all of your agricultural and farming spraying needs.

Micro Boom Spraying

Our small and nimble Micro Boom Spraying Units are supported by our onsite tanker for water supply efficiency, enabling use for a wide range of weed control issues.


Back Pack Spraying

For small jobs and additionally inaccessible areas, the Back-Pack sprayers are easily available to treat and control your weed issues, no matter where they are.

Our Easy 3 Step Process

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Contact Us to get a no-obligation, FREE Weed Control Quote customised to your farmland or property.

Step 2: Solve Your Weed Problems

Our expert team will treat your property to completely and safely remove all unwanted weeds.

Step 3: Get Back Control

Focus on making the best use of your new weed-free land, and rest-assured that you won’t have this problem again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hidden First Field

Q: Why should I invest in weed control?

Invasive weeds can be a blight on farming and agricultural properties and can be a hassle to try and remove. Controlling weeds is the responsibility of all landholders; as required by the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994, all landholders must manage the spread of declared noxious weeds.

What herbicides or chemicals does Rencon Air & Land use to control weeds?

We use a range of different herbicides, depending on your specific weed problem. We can even use herbicides or chemicals that you provide, providing they are suitable for your requirements. Either way, we have the resources and facilities to cater for most agricultural weed problems. 

What kind of agriculture and farm weed control experience does your team have?

Rencon Air & Land is a fully licensed commercial spraying business and our team is comprised of certified and licensed operators with local knowledge and years of experience in farm and agriculture weed control. We also hold ACUP accreditation and strictly adhere to compliant OH&S safety systems.

Would weed spraying help to fix my weed problem?

While we do offer a wide range of weed spraying solutions to fix many agricultural and farming weed issues, it would be best for one of our team to inspect your property to determine the most suitable method. That’s why we offer our free, no-obligation quote service, so that we can determine which of our weed control solutions will best resolve your weed issues.

How much does weed spraying cost?

There are often a range of different factors contributing to farm and agriculture weed control issues, so it can be hard to determine how much you can expect to pay without knowing your specific circumstances. This is why we offer a free, no-obligation quote and site visit, in order for us to best determine the most suitable resolution for your unique weed problems. Give us a call on 1300 RENCON (1300 736 266) or fill out the form above to take advantage of our free quote and site inspection service

What happens in the event of unexpected or severe weather?

While we always endeavour to carefully plan our weed control timings, challenges such as terrain changes and weather systems can sometimes be an issue. These are always carefully monitored using mobile applications in the field, and if necessary, your weed control booking can be rescheduled.

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Why should I hire professional weed spraying companies instead of doing it myself?

While many agricultural property and farm owners do take on weed control themselves, it can be time-consuming and expensive when you do not have the required knowledge or tools.. This is why it is advisable to hire a specialised weed control company as we have the necessary equipment, herbicides and experience to ensure to provide complete solutions for your weed infestations.

What kind of equipment does your team use to kill weeds?

Depending on your weed problem, we have a solution and can recommend the best weed spraying service to suit your needs. On hand we have the following equipment available:

  • 1x 4×4 Goldacres Boom Spray (800L/12m boom)
  • 5x 4×4 Quik Spray (400L/twin 100m retractable reels)
  • 2x UTV Boom/Hand Line Units (200L Quik Spray/single 100m retractable reels)
  • 3x 4×4 Small Boom utes for Firebreak Spraying.
  • 2x Roadside Furniture Spraying Units

For added peace of mind, during declared fire seasons all of our appliances are CFA compliant.

Do I need to have water resources available?

In the event that water is required for your weed control solution and there is none available, we have a mobile water supply that is available to use. Additionally, during fire danger periods, our mobile water supply doubles up as a certified fire appliance.

Where do you perform weed spraying services?

We offer weed spraying services for many different types of commercial, agricultural and farming properties. Generally, we cover areas like paddocks, lawns, livestock yards, sheds and stable areas, fence lines, garden beds, firebreaks and round yards. This list is not comprehensive though and we can generally provide weed control solutions for most farming, agricultural or industrial properties in the Otways and Western Victoria Regions.

I don’t know what kind of weeds have infested my property, what should I do?

Simply call us on 1300 RENCON (1300 736 266) or fill out the form above! We offer a free, no-obligation quote and site inspection service in order to identify the weeds that have invaded your property, determine what your weed problems are, and recommend which of our many weed control solutions will best resolve your weed issues.

What kind of weeds do you treat?

Our experienced team treats a wide range of weeds such as Traditional Grasses, Blackberry, Gorse, Thistles, Ragwort, Broadleaf, Capeweed, Dock, and many more. Get in touch with us on 1300 RENCON (1300 736 266) or fill out the form above to find out more about our weed control services.

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