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Drone Services

We provide a number of fully certified, licenced and insured services using off the shelf and specilaised Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) able to be deployed upon approval of our chief pilot.


  • Aerial Thermal Koala Detection
  • Aerial Inspections
  • Bush Fire Hot Spot Detection
  • Aerial Photography
  • Invasive Species Mapping


  • CASA Certified RPAS Certificate Holder (ReOC)
  • CASA Licenced Remote Pilots (RePL)
  • Night operation accredited.
  • Full Aviation Insurance Policy.
  • Flight management online platform.

Why Us?

  • Trained & Skilled Remote Pilots.
  • Safe work systems.
  • Competitive pricing models.
  • Operators in VIC, NSW & QLD.
  • Efficient work methodologies.

Recent Specialised Projects

Woomelang Re-Veg Site

In the dry arid wheatbelt of Northen Victoria we established approx 17,000 native seedlings in a 10ha re-vegetation off-set for a national grain company.

Aerial Real Estate Photography

In Western Victoria we captured video and still footage for two rural properties for a Real Estate client over the border in SA to showcase the vendors immaculate properties.

Thinning Blue Gum Coppice

For a private client near Ballarat VIC, we were recently engaged to assess and thin back blue gum coppice which was split by two different age classes.

Fauna Management

We provide trained and skilled staff for services both on-ground and aerial for the detection of Koalas in Eucalyptus Plantations and Native Stands.


  • On-Ground Koala Detection
  • Certified Thermal Aerial Detection
  • Welfare & Handling Training


  • Trained Operators
  • Government recognised
  • Mobile/Online OH&S Systems

Why Us?

  • Trained and experienced staff
  • Compliant operations
  • Safe work practices

Weed Control

We supply a various range of speciality spraying services accross the Otways & Western Victoria.


  • Boom Spraying
  • Hand Line Spraying
  • UTV Hand Line & Boom
  • Back Pack Spraying


  • Licenced Commercial Operator
  • Chemically accredited staff
  • Safe Systems of Work
  • ACUP accredition

Why Us?

  • Local knowledge 
  • Skilled workforce
  • Compliant operator
  • Friendly & Efficient Service

Pest & Vermin Control

We offer a complete range of Pest & Vermin control for your residential, commercial site, farm or forestry block.


  • Vermin Control – Baiting, Fumigation, shooting.
  • Pests – Rodents, Spiders, Ants, Wasps etc.
  • Fox-Off & De-Fox bait sales.
  • 1080 & Pindone Product Sales.


  • Commercially Licenced Operators.
  • Fully Insured.
  • Trained/licenced 1080 & PAPP operators.
  • Accredited safe sytems of work.

Why Us?

  • Local Knowledge 
  • Broad range of Calibres.
  • 16 years as commercial shooters.
  • 28 years of industry experience.

Forestry Services

All of our Silvicultural services are backed by years of experience, reliable and modern equipment and comprehensive insurance policies.


  • Coppice Thinning
  • FIB Fire
  • Forest Inventory
  • Insecticide Injecting
  • Hand Planting


  • Certified Operators

  • Mobile/Online OH&S Systems

  • Fully trained CFA/CFS Firefighters

  • GPS Vehicle Tracking

  • Working alone GPS monitoring system

Why Us?

  • 15+ Years of service to the industry

  • Trained and experienced staff

  • Compliant & Licenced operations

  • Custom Solutions

  • Safe work practices