Drone Services

State-of-the-art drone services technology to support traditional forestry, agricultural and environmental practices – for improved efficiency, access, and safety.

Ultimate Oversight

Drone technology offers a fast and accurate method of capturing high-quality data, photos, and videos.

Save on People-Power

Time-intensive tasks requiring costly on-the-ground teams can now be conducted from above!


A better way to observe and monitor difficult-to-access, dangerous or remote locations.

Monitoring large assets and areas can be time-intensive and costly

Rencon offers a wide variety of effective land and asset monitoring services. We work with the forestry, agricultural, government and environmental sectors, to gather important data and high-quality imagery.

Traditionally, multiple workers have been required to perform these sorts of tasks manually, on-the-ground. This often demands large teams with long periods of time spent in difficult to access (and sometimes hazardous!) environments.

Take to the skies with our drone services!

Specialty commercial drone services automate time-intensive, manual land and asset management processes. This equals a faster and more affordable approach!

Drones – also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) – are fitted with leading-edge camera equipment, and operated by highly-skilled remote pilots. This overcomes access issues by monitoring and capturing accurate, real-time data and imagery from above.

Why Work With Rencon?

  • One of Australia’s leading drone service companies
  • Safety is our No. 1 priority
  • A commitment to the environment and sustainability
  • Leading Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) services
  • The latest drone and camera technologies
  • Thermal imagery capabilities
  • Accurate data capture
  • Efficient work methodologies
  • Fully licensed and insured remote pilots
  • Local, highly-skilled workforce
  • Night operation accredited
  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Certified Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operator’s certificate holders (ReOC)
  • Full Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Aviation Insurance Policy
  • Up to 25kg Multi-Rotor Endorsement

Logged Flight Hours

Our Equipment

  • Advanced, commercial-grade aerial drones
  • Latest in payload technologies including light detection and ranging (LiDAR) sensors and military grade thermal cameras, inclusive of Real-time kinematic (RTK) accuracy.

Meet some of our Remote Pilot Team


Cheif Remote Pilot


Remote Pilot - Victoria


Remote Pilot - Victoria


Remote Pilot - Victoria

Drone Inspection Solutions


Drone Asset Inspection

Drone-conducted inspections are fast becoming the option of choice for the maintenance of valuable industry assets including industrial roofs and wind turbines, as well as image capture of important and sensitive projects.

Drones operated by skilled remote pilots can easily capture vital data and imagery for analysis. This allows inspectors and surveyors to avoid risky situations involving remote locations, great heights, and dangerous equipment.

Drone LiDAR image capture

By using the latest LiDAR technology we can survey properties or projects almost anywhere in Australia, and provide accurate 3D modelling of terrain and vegetation.

Its advanced capabilities mean LiDAR is fast becoming an essential multi-purpose planning and forecasting tool for a broad cross section of industries.


Aerial Thermal Imaging

Our drones are fitted with military-grade thermal imaging camera equipment. This enables the detection of heat emissions from specific objects or areas of land, presented in the form of digital imagery.

This advanced technology underpins services including the detection of heat loss and insulation issues, leaking pipes, and bushfire hotspots.

Drone Koala Detection

Rencon’s commercial-grade drones are combined with leading thermal imaging and sensor technologies. This enables us to work with landowners in the accurate identification and geotagging of all kinds of native fauna, including koalas.

Our expert pilots can quickly identify animals that would be difficult to identify from the ground.


Our Easy 3-Step Process

Step #1 – Scope

Contact us via phone and discuss your drone inspection needs. Or, send us a message via the website.

Step #2 – Quote

We’ll consider the scope and requirements of your project, and develop a quote for your consideration.

Step #3 – Deliver

Our team will join you on-site at a pre-arranged date and time, and you can leave the rest to us!

Contact Us

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What areas do you cover?

We offer the full range of drone services in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. 

Clients in the forestry, agricultural, government and environment sectors in these states can enjoy access to our state-of-the-art drone technology.

Contact us to discuss the best certified aerial drone services Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane have to offer!

In addition, we are often asked whether there are areas we can’t fly a drone into. Because Australia does have certain no-fly zones, this is sometimes the case. Our chief pilot will provide advice around any concerns you may have about drone access at specific locations.

What kind of drones do you fly?

When it comes to providing professional drone services, Rencon boasts a modern fleet of military-grade, versatile, nimble UAVs. Coupled with leading on-ground technology, this equipment is proven to meet all Australian conditions, enabling us to offer the most efficient, dependable, and affordable services.

What differentiates you from other drone companies?

For almost two decades, Rencon has offered highly-skilled operatives and leading-edge equipment for a wide variety of specialty land and asset management services.

Most recently, this commitment has seen us embrace the possibilities enabled by the use of drones. Rapid development has seen this type of equipment transition from a ‘big kids’ toy’, to a proven, practical industry tool.

What sets us apart is our detailed consideration of every job at the start of each project. This helps ensure we provide the appropriate mix of skilled people and equipment to generate the right outcome.

We also pay particular attention to safety. Our skilled remote pilots are trained by one of the best certified CASA training providers in Australia. Meticulous planning goes into each and every flight to make sure all potential risks are taken into consideration.

In addition, we are strongly committed to sustainability. We have a range of policies to mitigate the impact of our operations on the environment. Working in consultation with clients and landowners, we strive to ensure the smallest possible footprint.

Our certified aerial operations use drones technology to provide the broadest range of services, including …

Asset inspections
Structural inspections
Roof inspections
Wind turbine inspections
Solar panel inspections
Power pole inspections
Forestry surveys
Spot fire detection with aerial thermal imaging
Fauna and koala detection
Vermin identification
Agriculture drone services
Crop health inspections
Mapping services
Search and rescue operations
Aerial carbon data collection
Professional aerial photography for real estate and property development
Drone photography services for special occasions

How high can your drones UAV’s fly?

In accordance with Australian law, our drones must not fly higher than 120 meters (400 feet). This is more than high enough to accurately conduct all the aerial surveying services Rencon is known for.

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What if we have bad weather on the day?

If unfavourable weather conditions prevail on the planned day you will be notified and the flights will be re-scheduled. This will usually happen the day or night prior. If unforecast, minor conditions arise on the day itself, the pilot will usually standby until these have passed. However, if this weather sets in, the flights will resume at the next available opportunity.

How many people do you send to operate the UAV drone?

This depends on the size and scope of your project. During initial client conversations, we work to ascertain what will be required in terms of people-power and equipment, to ensure the best outcomes.

How much do your services cost?

The majority of drone service pricing is calculated at an hourly rate. However, only after careful assessment at project commencement will the most cost-effective quote be provided for the client’s consideration.

What is the process around each drone operation?

Every operation is different, depending on the size, scope, and what the client is hoping to achieve. We spend time at the start of every project considering our client’s needs and objectives. The insights gained are then used to develop plans outlining our recommended approach, including the people and technologies required.

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