Silviculture Services (Forestry)

Published: May 29, 2023

Forestry is the management of forested lands to ensure their sustainable use and conservation. It involves the science and art of understanding and managing forests, as well as the social, economic, and ecological implications of forest use. Forestry plays a vital role in maintaining biodiversity, regulating climate, providing clean air and water, and supporting livelihoods. The practice of forestry includes activities such as planting, managing, harvesting, and monitoring forests, as well as addressing issues such as wildfires, pests, and diseases. Sustainable forestry practices aim to balance the economic benefits of forest use with environmental conservation, ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy the benefits of this valuable resource.

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Pre-plant spraying is a crucial step in successful seedling establishment and forestry management. It involves the application of herbicides to a site before trees are planted to eliminate or reduce the presence of unwanted weeds and other competing vegetation.


Without pre-plant spraying, weeds can quickly overtake seedlings, leading to stunted growth, increased susceptibility to pests and disease, and ultimately, reduced survival rates. The use of pre-plant spraying has several benefits. Firstly, it helps to create a clean, weed-free planting site, providing young trees with the best possible start in life.

By removing weeds, pre-plant spraying reduces competition for water, nutrients, and sunlight, allowing seedlings to grow stronger and faster. This helps to increase their chances of survival, particularly in areas where resources are limited.

Pre-plant spraying can also reduce the need for manual weeding or mechanical mowing, saving time and labour costs. This is especially important in large-scale planting projects, where the cost of manually removing weeds can be prohibitively high. In addition to its practical benefits, pre-plant spraying can also have environmental benefits. By reducing competition for resources, it can help to improve the overall health of the planting site, leading to increased biodiversity and improved soil quality.

Furthermore, the use of herbicides can be more environmentally sustainable than alternative weed control methods, such as mechanical mowing or burning, which can be damaging to soil structure and disrupt the natural balance of the ecosystem.

At Rencon Air & Land we conduct re-planting, in-filling and micro planting projects in both commercial forestry and private/government native re-vegetation sites.


Once the seedlings have been in the ground for a period of time and have started to develop new growth, it is essential to apply an overspray to protect them from potential threats such as pests, weeds, and disease.

During the early stages of growth, seedlings are particularly vulnerable to damage from a range of environmental factors. Pests such as insects and vermin can quickly decimate a newly established plantation, while weeds can compete with young trees for vital nutrients and resources.

Diseases can also pose a significant threat, spreading rapidly throughout a plantation and causing extensive damage if left untreated. To mitigate these risks, it is crucial to apply an overspray of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides to protect the seedlings and encourage healthy growth.

This overspray must be applied carefully, however, to avoid damaging the young trees or causing harm to the surrounding environment. Additionally, over spraying can help to enhance the efficiency of fertilizers by ensuring that the nutrients are absorbed by the plants rather than being lost to weeds or other non-target species. By applying an overspray to newly established seedlings, plantation owners and managers can help to ensure that their investment in new growth is protected and given the best chance of success. In conclusion, the second emergence of overspray is a critical process for establishing healthy tree growth in a plantation.


By applying careful overspray’s of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, plantation owners and managers can help to protect their investment in new growth and promote healthy and sustainable forest ecosystems.

Each season presents unique challenges for farmers and forest managers, and seasonal dependence on weather and other environmental factors can affect the growth of crops and the prevalence of weeds and insects.

For example, during the summer months, high temperatures and increased moisture can lead to an explosion in insect populations, which can damage crops and reduce yields. Similarly, in the autumn, cooler temperatures and shorter days can make it difficult to control certain weeds, such as nutsedge and bindweed.

In addition to the growing conditions, access to land for spraying herbicides and insecticides can also be affected by seasonal variations.

Heavy rainfall during the spring and summer months can cause the ground to become saturated, making it difficult for spraying rigs to access the fields. This can lead to delayed or missed applications, which can have serious consequences for tree crop health and yield.

Therefore, it is essential for farmers and forest managers to stay aware of the seasonal variations and adjust their growing and pest management practices accordingly. This may include using different herbicides and insecticides, adjusting application rates and timing, and implementing alternative pest management strategies such as integrated pest management.

Springtime planning is a crucial step in managing plantations, and several practices must be considered to ensure they are managed to a high standard. Firebreak spraying is one such practice that should be considered.

This involves creating a break or barrier around the plantation to prevent the spread of fire in the event of a wildfire.

It is important to conduct firebreak spraying in the springtime as it allows for the vegetation to dry out, making it easier for the herbicides to penetrate and effectively manage the growth.

Insecticide application is another critical practice to consider during springtime planning. This involves the application of insecticides to control pest populations that can cause significant damage to the plantation. It is essential to monitor the pest population and conduct regular applications to ensure that the plantation remains healthy and productive. Lastly, over spraying should also be considered during springtime planning. Over spraying involves the application of herbicides to control the growth of unwanted vegetation that competes with the plantation’s growth. It is important to conduct over spraying during the springtime as it allows for the effective control of the unwanted vegetation before it becomes too established and difficult to manage. In summary, firebreak spraying, insecticide application, and over spraying are critical practices to consider during springtime planning.

They are all aimed at ensuring the plantation is managed to a high standard and remains productive, healthy, and protected from pests and wildfires.
Sustainable forestry practices are necessary to ensure the preservation of forests and the benefits they provide. Proper management of forests can also provide economic benefits for communities and industries. It is essential to continue to promote responsible forestry practices and protect our forest resources for future generations. Contact us today to book in or get a quotation for our services.

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