Drone Assest Inspection

Utilise Rencon Air & Land’s drone technology to maintain your assets and predict future maintenance requirements. Our experienced operators can help you transform and upgrade your operations with our advanced drone equipment and provide accurate aerial data capture.

Safer asset inspections

Drone technology has a wide range of applications and enables the exploration and examination of difficult and often dangerous sites, such as power stations, mine sits, high rise constructions, dams, building sites, and more.

Proactive management of your assets

Drone asset inspections allow you to get on the front foot when it comes to maintenance, instead of reacting to issues as they arise. Our drone inspections, can give you a regular and comprehensive view for proactive upkeep and maintenance, enabling you to predict and prevent potential problems.

Speed of deployment and inspection

Using drones for asset inspection means that they can be deployed within a very short time scale, meaning that they are suitable for both regular inspections and emergency scenarios, and can carry out an asset inspection far quicker than the traditional way.

Unsure about Drone technology, how it works and assest inspection?

One hesitation that customers can have before enlisting the assistance of Rencon Air & Land for drone asset inspections, is the question around the effectiveness of using drones rather than humans for asset inspections.

Aerial Asset Inspections

Technology for Peace of Mind & Assest Protection

At RenCon Air & Land, we understand the hesitation to try new technology, but there is no need to worry. With drone asset inspections, we provide all of the images and data to you so that your expert team can make informed decisions. We can even provide you with thermal imaging, or even 3D modeling of the asset infrastructure.

Why work with Rencon for Aerial Asset Inspections?

  • One of Australia’s leading drone and Unmanned Ariel Vehicle
  • Safety is our highest priority
  • A commitment to protecting the environment and sustainability
  • The latest drone and camera technologies
  • Thermal imagery and video capabilities
  • Accurate imagery and data capture 
  • Efficient work methodologies
  • Fully licensed and insured remote pilots
  • Local and highly-skilled team of experts
  • Night-operation accredited
  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Certified Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operator’s certificate holders (ReOC)
  • Full Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Aviation Insurance Policy

Hectares treated

Our Equipment

  • Advanced, commercial-grade aerial drones piloted by an experienced team
  • Latest in payload technologies including light detection and ranging (LiDAR) sensors and military grade thermal cameras, inclusive of Real-time kinematic (RTK) accuracy.

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Drone Inspection Services


Drone asset inspections

Drone-conducted inspections are the smart choice for the maintenance of valuable industry assets including industrial roofs and wind turbines, as well as image capture of important and sensitive projects.

Using drones of asset inspections enables our team of skilled remote pilots to easily and accurately capture vital data and imagery for analysis, allowing inspectors and surveyors to avoid risky situations involving remote locations, great heights, and dangerous equipment.

Drone LiDAR image capture

Using the latest LiDAR technology, our team of experts can accurately and efficiently survey properties or projects almost anywhere in Australia, and provide accurate 3D modeling of terrain and vegetation.

LiDAR technology’s advanced capabilities mean that it is fast becoming an essential multi-purpose planning and forecasting tool for a broad cross-section of industries across the country, and the world.


Aerial Thermal Imaging

Our drones are fitted with military-grade thermal imaging camera equipment, enabling the quick and accurate detection and digital capture of heat emissions from specific objects or areas of land.

This advanced technology is essential for various industries and services, and can help to monitor and detect heat loss and insulation issues, leaking pipes, and bushfire hotspots.

Drone Koala Detection

Rencon Air & Land’s commercial-grade drones provide landowners with leading thermal imaging and sensor technologies, enabling the accurate identification and geotagging of all kinds of native Australian fauna, including koalas.

Our expert pilots can quickly identify animals that would be difficult to identify from the ground for more accurate detection and monitoring. 


Our Easy 3 Step Process

Step #1

Contact us via phone or fill out our contact form to get started.

Step #2

We will have an obligation-free chat to understand your asset inspection requirements and develop a quote for your consideration.

Step #3

Once you have accepted the quote, our team will join you on-site at a date and time that best suits you to get your asset inspection project started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hidden First Field

How close can a drone fly to inspect assets?

The drone can fly close enough to capture high-resolution images of your assets while maintaining a safe distance from the infrastructure. The zoom capabilities on our commercial-grade drones are very powerful, so the most intricate of detail can be captured.

What is the detection capability of a drone asset inspection?

Our commercial-grade drones have diverse detection capabilities and drone asset inspections can detect the below concerns and maintenance issues efficiently:

  1. Cracking
  2. Corrosion
  3. Wear and tear
  4. Missing parts such as nut and bolts
  5. Distortion
  6. Hot spots

What are the types of assets inspected with a drone?

Rencon Air & Land can capture useful data and imagery  of almost any asset. Our commercial-grade drones can inspect assets, including buildings, bridges, rail infrastructure, telecommunications towers, water reservoirs, and rooftops just to name a few. We can also complete both internal and external inspections of your assets.

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