Next Generation’s Drone Pilots

Published: July 9, 2024

Rencon Air & Land in partnership with our client Forestry Corporation of NSW was asked to present to a NSW school in the town of Bathurst recently.  

Chief Remote Pilot, Jo Anderson, visited the school in late June where she showcased Rencon’s latest drone hardware and gave insight to classes of year 6 students the important role technology plays in the forest industry. 

The students found the technology to be captivating. Previously, simply seeing a drone was exciting enough, however the students were intrigued by the Thermal and LiDAR capabilities.   

Not only were the students able to get an up-close look at the drones, but we were able to showcase live Thermal results of the students’ themselves, while the drone was in flight mode. They were impressed by the accuracy the thermal payload was able to capture and generate a 3D survey model in real time. We took a LiDAR surface model of the campus oval where the demonstration was held and walked the students through the technological advancements over the previous 12 months that allows us to gather this precise data with incredible efficiency.    

The unit on technology and forestry pairs perfectly with what Rencon Air & Land services offerings and what we represent. This was an engaging way to a put a real-life scenario in the student’s coursework and get them motivated about a career pathway in the forest industry and as a drone pilot in the specialising in Thermal or LiDAR applications. 

Overall, a great opportunity to work with students explaining the process of aviation and drone certifications and Remote Pilot Licensing, the responsibility that comes with a drone license and safety precautions. Additionally, the benefits our industry has to Australia’s timber industry and therefore its’ economy and the environmental aspects we have incorporated into our services. Combined, these make a career in forestry and technology come to life and inspire the next generation to come.   

We look forward to many more presentations with the students in conjunction with Forestry Corporation and hopefully to see this as a chosen career in their futures.